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1282 State Road 175
Hubertus, WI, US, 53033
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If you're looking for ways to improve your health and wellbeing come and visit Hubertus Wellness Center today. We offer a variety of services that helps improve your life both mentally and physically. From chiropractic care to electro body sculpting you'll find all the latest methods used to give you a better quality of life. Our services also include aromatherapy and reflexology. Let us use proven ancient techniques to make you feel better from head to toe. Our professional massage therapists are waiting for you. Everyone is different and we cater to you on an individualized basis. Let us create a personalized plan that suits your life best. You are what you eat so how you feel is often dependent on what you ingest. Let us test and find the right nutrition for your body. After all the years and hours you've spent at gym you may not always see the results you want no matter how hard you work for it. Sometimes your muscles become damaged and no amount of gym exercise and toning will get your body to look and feel the way you want. Electro Body Sculpting gets deep down into the muscles to break up stored fat and tone your body as you never imagined. Just lay back and relax for your Electro Body Sculpting session. In just one sitting you'll get the equivalent of 600 sit-ups 600 leg lifts and 600 push-ups. This method has been used by sports doctors physical therapists and urologists to improve the function of damaged muscles. The Electro Body Sculpting machine is specially designed with software programs that perform different functions. This technique has been featured on Oprah Fit TV Discovery Channel Fox News ABC and NBC. Vogue Magazine called it a transformation...that really works.

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