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Exotic Vet Care (formerly Birds and Exotics Animal Care) is South Carolinas premiere veterinary practice dedicated to the diagnosis treatment and prevention of disorders affecting birds reptiles and other exotic animals (ferrets guinea pigs hedgehogs rabbits fish etc). We are currently the only state of the art veterinary hospital in South Carolina created especially for the needs of birds and exotic animals. Our founder Jose Biascoechea DVM Dipl. ABVP (Avian Practice) is the only Board-Certified avian specialist in the state of South Carolina. We also accept referral cases from veterinarians throughout the state and surrounding areas. Why see a specialist? Traditional veterinary education usually does not adequately prepare veterinarians for the care of unusual pet species. Mammals birds reptiles fish and amphibians all have their own anatomy and physiology and treating their illnesses requires knowledge of this diversity. When veterinarians attempt to treat these special species as if they were cats and dogs serious harm can occur. Veterinarians treating exotic and non-traditional pets must make the commitment to learn about these special species and spend continuing education time keeping up on the latest advancements in exotic pet care. At Exotic Vet Care our focus on these species allows us to provide the highest and most advanced level of care possible. Its what we do all day every day.

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Phone No : 8432168387
Website : https://www.birdsandexotics.com
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